Helping youths succeed in sports and in life

12-week program

Lifestyle Management | Nutrition | Exercise

Parents want to give their children the tools for lifelong success:

  • To challenge themselves and taste victory
  • To learn how to deal with life’s challenges in a positive way
  • To find enjoyment and happiness in the goals they pursue

Experienced and highly-trained

As youths approach sports, they also face physical and emotional changes that require them to adjust their lifestyle. Many young people have difficulty managing a consistent schedule; struggle to balance their responsibilities at home, in school with their social life and sports; or lack confidence in their own abilities. This can make the parents feel lost, unsure, or frustrated, and can lead to conflicts and approaches that just won’t work.

Coach Derrick Simon guides youths through the challenges of adolescence as he helps them develop the mind, body, and spirit of a world-class athlete. Coach Derrick helps youths prepare both physically and mentally to compete in sports and to succeed in life.

Youth sports should be a growth experience and a source of pride and enjoyment for the whole family.

By teaching youths to eradicate poor life choices early, they develop the daily habits and practices that put them on the path to lifelong success. Whether your child is competing at the Olympic, national, regional, team or individual level, Derrick’s proven framework will set them up for success.

Derrick’s 3-part youth success framework

Developing the mindset of an athlete

Developing self-discipline, becoming autonomous, self-motivated, responsible, and self-actualized.

Training for success

Techniques, biomechanics, and training to build physical strength, stamina and achieve success in their sport.

Building winning habits

How to manage your time, nutrition, sleep, recovery, balancing academics, sports, family and social life.

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Give your child the tools they need to succeed

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