What Coach Derrick’s
athletes believe

True heroes are those willing to find out what they are capable of.
Athletes know that this goes beyond the hours spent in physical training, biomechanics and workouts.
They think of their goals and they wonder:

Do I have what it takes? What is my next level? How do I become my best?

Coach Derrick’s athletes are willing to find out. They know success is more than one finish line or one podium in one event. Success is repeatedly doing the things you love, better and better each time, challenging yourself to be more, and putting passion and dedication into achieving your goals.
Success is a life-long pursuit.

Coach Derrick’s athletes want and deserve more than “good enough”.
They want to bring out the best in themselves and have solid achievements they are proud of,
to live without regrets.

How Coach Derrick helps his athletes succeed

Coach Derrick has helped hundreds of youths and adults over the last 30 years in creating their own success stories. He has coached athletes at all levels, leading the National Triathlon Team of Trinidad & Tobago (2017-2020), and helping hundreds to begin to challenge themselves in new ways.

Coach Derrick’s proven framework for success


Be Holistic



It was a milestone and every time they ran I saw success. I felt proud as a parent. This is what you truly need; someone like Derrick Simon to keep them on the right path.


I fully endorse Derrick’s program, his working with the children the way he works with them teaching them things like self-awareness and independence, allowing them to come out to gym and work and coaching them, mentoring them.


All I can say is that he is the best coach ever. His approach is something that is truly legendary. I have watched him train my two children both in person and now each of them are at school and he trains them distance training and I have seen their dedication spread not only towards accomplishing what he has set out for them but in their academic endeavors and their personal life.


Derrick’s support program and holistic approach for all the various areas of the sport has helped mold our son into the young man we are so proud of today.


I would say Derrick is more than a coach, he’s his mentor, he’s his friend. When Derrick is backing your son or daughter he’s backing them all the way in all aspects including school life; if they’re not doing good in school, well you’re definitely gonna get a call from Derrick. He checks upon them. Maybe they may not talk to you about something but they will definitely talk to Derrick about it. He’s easygoing. Anything to do with Derrick Simon, he has my 100% support.

Danielle Hatem

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